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John Deere 6620 0

John Deere 6620 Movable axis v 2.0

Description: – No errors in the log and working shema – Scale 1:1. – Panel info – Operating Hours & ES Limiter – Manual Ignition – Real Exhaust Particle System – Wheel Particle Spec – Ploughing Spec – The moveable axis – Full lighting – Opening the door and rear window – Frontloader QuickeQ68 and weight JD900KG – Adjustable rear hitch – Dirt texture (Washable) Credits: Bigfarmer145, roller90, Timber131, Burner, Manuel Leithner, fruktor, Geri-G, Sven777b, Templaer, Bjr DOWNLOAD


Tajfun 4.5t winch v0.9 (Beta)

Tajfun is Slovenina farming equipment company Specialised in forestry machinery. This is 4.5t wintch forestry mod ready. Be careful locking wire to the log and log pulling towards tractor. Use numpad keys to move wire rope. Attach to wire ropo to trunk go near the log and wire joint and presss left mouse button. To detach trunk press right mouse button. To attach to trailer wire rope press num 4 key. To use chainsaw winch from the press o key. Credits: kirezagar, azobavnik, Forst-mod team DOWNLOAD



Description: For many years now, Deutz-Fahr an historically developed program of round balers and is now in many markets, including Austria, successfully represented. Furthermore, Deutz-Fahr has for over 10 years already Press / wrapper combination on offer, both fixed and variable chamber balers. These products from the Dutch producers work Geldrop are very successful worldwide in use, after all, this work is Geldrop the world’s largest manufacturer of Press / wrapper combination. Baling and wrapping a bale chamber, compact and lightweight. With the new CompacMaster a very compact way is now offered with a machine to cut the feed briefly...


Krone VarioPack 1200

Description: It has a very realistic texture It has no errors Hook to hook eg trailer, wrapper And much more Respect my work. You can be on the other forums Prohibition of any edition! The prohibition to change the DL link! The consent of the author is.! Credits: Sotillo & MaXuQ Ingame : Sotillo , NI modding , MaXuQ Scripts : NI modding


John Deer multiseeder

Description: hey their guys big bear here again to introduce the john deer multiseeder a freind of mine took one of my older mods and made a great addition to the game overall i think this could be one of if not the best seeder on fs 2013 this thing will plant anything from corn to cotton to a body you want to hide from the police lol. but really outdone himeself with a new look and even smaller package when in transport mode it has a high cap urf system that will allow you to work the largest feilds...