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Farming simulator 2013 Tractors mods

Ursus 912 0

Ursus 912 v1.1

Included: Mod plowing Mobile OS (tractor was perfectly balanced on) assumed round console opened the door and back glass sunroof Adjustable rear hitch Drive axle and PTO Lights, front / rear it limiter Tractor does not go out after wysciu Tur Hydramet Auxiliary Panel (num 0) Mod has been scaled Credits: Author: Agromet Edit1: Spinah Edit2/programowanie: roller90 Tur: EDIT Pavson69 Theme: MateuszeKK Edit3: zpawel97 DOWNLOAD


John Deere 7530 Premium

Description: Functions: *Ploughing Spec v2 [key F7] *New Skin,New Wheels *Washable *New sounds *Hand animation *Twin Wheels [key m and n] *Full lighting *Opening doors and rear window *Dynamic Exhausting System *Manual Ignition *Animated Hydraulic *Indoor Sound *Wheel Particle Spec *Moving Interior Parts *Scale 1:1 *The log is clean Credits: Autors: Bigfarmer145,Timber131,Roller90 Hand Animation: Lechu & Aranea DOWNLOAD


Deutz d40 4wd v 1.0 – Farming simulator 2013 mods

Hi there am presenting my conversion of deutz d40 4wd. as a basic model served me deutz d40 4wd v3.1 by ansomale. (The release I have) what has changed? first I tried the texture can improve a little … is obs jetz really managed to argue about it … -He has installed the new sound Built-fl (a little too large several things below it) Lattice wheels Holders for grid-wheels -Masking New coats on the rims The front-end loader of deutz is too large, it is clear to me …. only it is after all still ls and I myself like...


John Deere 8530 V 2.1 – Farming simulator 2013 mods

Author: Vallsta, AlbinGustavsson © JD_12 Bore / Stroke: 4.661×5.354 inches [118 x 136 mm] Rated Power (EC 97/98): 330 hp [246.1 kW] Maximum Power (EC 97/68): 360 hp [268.5 kW] Air cleaner: dual paper elements Compression: 16.3:1 Rated RPM: 2100 Idle RPM: 900-2200 Operating RPM: 1500 to 2100 Starter volts: 12 Oil capacity: 29.5 qts [27.9 L] Coolant capacity: 42.3 qts [40.0 L ] DOWNLOAD V 2.1 MR (rar)


JCB 8310 v 1.2

Author Credits: jhoracio & euroDZN, 69Razer96 Describtion about: IC Dynamic fuel Animation Opened windows & doors Double wheels DOWNLOAD – 15.1 MB


New Holland T8050 V3

Description: – Ploughing Spec – New Skin – New Wheels – Twin Wheels Front / Back – Moveable rear attacher – Full lighting – Opening doors and rear window – Dynamic Exhausting System – Manual Ignition – Animated Hydraulic – Wheel Particle Spec – New Wheel Credits: Farm Bozza, Monster, roller90, Tomson25 Edit:kesukas