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Farming simulator 2013 Trailers mods



Description: So people here is my ” Agroliner Kroger HKD 402 V1.0 ” . The model is complete . newly built and has nothing to do with all the other models. I tried as much detail as possible but had to miss him a lot because he renounce and already has a lot of polys. The side panels including front sight and interlocks of single board walls are animated. It works fine with ” ToggleTipSide ” and ” alternativetipping ” together . The trailer was launched in MP were examined in detail and left a clean log. He has now...



Description: – Ripped mod from game and started from scratch – Added Drive Particles, WheelParticles, and PlayStandAnim Scripts – Wagon Cover is now accessible just like it is when CoursePlay is using it – Added MultiFruit (just like the Krampe BS900 MultiFruit Pack I reworked) – Added new “Store” graphic – Price/Maintenance Cost remains the same as in-game equipment *** ToggleTipSide Mod is needed to access all three sides at will *** Wagon hauls the following…. 1 – Wheat 2 – Rape 3 – Maize 4 – Barley 5 – Potato 6 – SugarBeet 7 – Chaff 8 – Corn...



Description: Moin, Sohoo the staple HalfPipe 30 is ready;) ModFacts: completely new building (no Giants Model!) AO textures Lighting v3.1 (.2) Steering axles lock Backup camera installed (Requires tractors with IC camera control! Available with us in the forum!) tire dust washable chocks Animated crank on the support foot Capacity of 22,000 liters fruits: sand gravel wheat barley rape corn potatoes sugar beet carrots onions silage concentrated feed Chaff grass hay straw manure compost seeds fertilizer lime Credits: Model: Atabogo Texturen: Chefkoch InGame: Chefkoch Räder: agrotron 155 Scripts: Sven777b, Manuel Leithner, FIAT80-90DT DOWNLOAD


Fortuna K180 v1.4

Description: Moin, we have once again what little tinkering The Fortuna K180 is a 3 – way tipper with 18 tons and the largest of the K- series. The trailer is washable, Bel v3.1 and tire dust has built . About the numpad 5 key is used to display a tarpaulin . We recommend ToggleTipSide Mod to the tilt direction to choose yourself The following fruits can be loaded: – Wheat – Barley – rape – Corn – Apples – Chaff – Concentrate – Straw – Grass – Potatoes – Sugar beet – silage – Green wheat – Carrots –...


Progress HTS 100 v3

Description: Hi hir habe ich für euch den Fortschritt HTS 100 v2.1 Ein danke geht an Holli71 für seien freigabe. so was wurde gemacht man kann damit gülle wasser und flüssigdünger laden und logich entlerren, Credits: ls11 Holli71. ls13 Pil-30. Scripte:Washable:author Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding) sprayTankerTrigger:author Xentro ( Beleuchtung v3.1:author (Sven777b) HoseRef:author (fruktor) SchemaOverlay:(Escymo)