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Farming simulator 2015 cars mods


VAZ 2107

  Description: – Traces of wheels – dust – Speedometer, tachometer animated – Displays the fuel level. – Speed – 120 km. Credits: Sergey54Rus DOWNLOAD


Monster truck FS 2015

Description: This is a diesel monster truck it is not perfect but it’s something to play around with. If I knew how to mod I would make this into a mod. So any one that can mod, you’re more then welcome to turn my creations in to mods. For now you have to install this just like you did the dodge cummins. Remember to save your old files, You might need them back later. Credits: GIANTS, Rambow145 DOWNLOAD


Dodge cummins

Description: This is a dodge cummins that blows black smoke and loves fuel pulls way better then the stock dodge it will hook up to all trailers but pto and semi 5vth wheel hitch. This is not a drop in mod I didn’t know how to make it in to a mod but if any one can you are more then welcome to do so. So for now you have to go to your data then vehicles then steerable, replace cars file but save it some where you might need it back! Ok then copy the cars file in the...


Fire Department Car V 1.0

  Description: – blue lights – horn was replaced by a Klangfolgetonhorn. Credits: Modell: GIANTS Software Skin – Modell: J112J Rundumkennleuchten (RKL): GIANTS Software Skin – RKL: J112J DOWNLOAD