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kuhn spv confort 0


Mod changes: . Some textures changed (for the name). . Capacity increased to 48000 . Fuel capacity increased to 800 . Fuel usage increased to 48 (more capacity/power, more fuel consumption) . Engine RPM’s and brake force increased. . Filling speed increased a bit. . Mod optimized for small size. Credits: GIANTS for the model/textures DOWNLOAD


Krone BIG L500 Prototype Mod V 1.8

Description: Version 1.8 Logfehler steering texture of the cabin (was black, otherwise ligts on the graphics card) Missing texture path fixed tank contents and adjusted consumption (so bad fast drain is not on the mod!) If to remain healthy, it is the last version of this Modtypes see WIP of the next version. Credits: Ur-Mod: usxi7sd Sources: Giants-Software LS15: Jaison Dirt-Texturen: Jaison DOWNLOAD


DON 1500 V1.0

Description: Maude “Don – 1500B ‘for Farming Simulator 2015 – Harvester wheels, self-propelled, with two drums, the hat grain harvest grains and a more direct, as well as to two levels with a slope of not more than 80% Don without header, the standard approach. . It’s like a trial version that will be updated. Keep the original link. Granted DON ~ 1500th Credits: DON-1500


FS 2015 Krone BIG L500 Prototype V 1.0 Alpha

Description: Here I have the crown BIG L500 Prototype you know is for you from LS13. I take this opportunity to thank usxi7sd for release. Since I introduced him even as a WIP please I occasionally look over there, because I will note any changes there. Why is he coming already in alpha status to the DL? Well I had thought to myself, how can you find more bugs than in a public test. Therefore I beg you to take him thoroughly under the magnifying glass in both single player and MP. If you find any, please post in the...