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FS 2015 ROS Fruit And Berries Extension V 1.0

Description: 1. Cherry Carries up to 350 liters of cherries. 2. Plum Tree Carries up to 400 liters of plums. 3. Orange Tree Carries up to 450 liters of oranges. 4. strawberries greenhouse Bring up to 110 liters of strawberries per hour. Go to the crates to harvest. Harvest can be increased with manure and water fountains. 5. Pay cider The juice Heini When your root juice Heini-wage Mosterei the fruit comes in the bottle, he takes apple, plums, cherries, strawberries, pears, oranges and carrots (up to per 20000L) Loading dock to see if it is too uneven. 6. Stall...


FS 2015 Animal Values V 1.0

Description: Hello this is a small script which allows you to set what all your animals make. Easy and simple: To bedienen.zum change the script in Notepad or open text editor and the values anpassen.Die values should be self-explanatory (assuming english knowledge) be I took the settings that I myself play in benutzte. So they eat more and give less. Credits: Jimkerk DOWNLOAD Advertisement: Vaikų aikštelės


FS 2015 Train tracks with splines

Description: The range consists of 2 rails, the next to one another. Along the way she columns, however, once more. A readme is included. When you can see, as their incorporates these tracks in your map. Credits: Splines: Silv3r Schienen/Zug: wohlstandskind/Youfarm-map DOWNLOAD