realistic game engine

Description: (v1.3.36)
– masses on the wheels are not computed from spring extension anymore (only with Giants patch 2.1 final). We are getting the value directly from the nvidia physx engine. (more accurate and more reliable)
– added spanish translation (by JFMtb)
– fixed some bugs and make the engine more suitable for manual gear box transmission
– changed the name of the engine in the moddesc.xml to A MoreRealistic game engine so that the engine is always the first mod to be loaded when playing in multiplayer
– MR V1.3 supports Giants patch 2.0 again (retro compatibility)
– Support VehicleReloadFromXML console command
– Added missing sell price and density for rye_windrow
– Set the default multiplier for pig and beef to 1
– Hired workers consume fertilizer in hard and normal difficulties.
– Engine brake force adjustement with the new fixed ratio gearbox (realEngine)
– At very low speed, the actual speed computing has been replaced (at low FPS, this was a real problem since the engine was provided with a non-zero value when the tractor was not moving)
– Some tweak of the AI Tractor : lower the implement a little before on the headland, turn the steering wheels even when not moving
– Some tweak of the autoparkbrake behavior
– Progressive sowing machine filling speed (about 5s to achieve full speed when filling the seed tank)
– Fix the bale huge price problem when playing on a map with a station accepting hay_windrow
– Fix the speed limit warning message not visible client side when playing mp
– realAiWorkingSpeed parameter available for implements. (to force the AI wanted speed)

Giants : base game highly moddable
SFM-Modding / Xentro : alternative Tipping


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