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Farming simulator 2013 Skins/Textures


Green Rye

Description: Simply unzip the map rye with the fruit. the map open, the Ordener textures then look for the texture of rye with copy and then replace it with the original Credits: agrarservice Beglie


Easter Eggs in Chicken Husbandry

Description: This is a diffuse (graphic) for colored eggs for Easter. It comes with a guide to help switch the graphics out before and after Easter or whenever you want to have colored eggs. The guide also explains how to personalize the Easter egg colors. Happy Easter Credits: Giants (original diffuse) JDM Farms (egg painting and how-to guide)


Textures Pack v 1.0

Description Fruit textures: – Wheat (with straw swath) – Barley (with straw swath) – Rape – Corn – Grass (with grass and Heuschwad) Ground textures: – Rock – Stone Paving – Asphalt – Gravel – Dirt – Grass – Forest floor – Sandy Soil textures: – Plough – Cultivators – Seeds – Pile Credits: LwFarming DOWNLOAD